I’m a huge fan of french toast on a Sunday morning. I feel like it’s the best treat I can give myself for a well deserved Sunday off. Instead of the old boring day old bread I’m a fan of spicing things up using panettone, babka or cinnamon brioche bread. You will always find panettone in my freezer all year round and if not, well they are good for a good six months since it has an amazing shelf life of six months typically. I’m a fan of also keeping it simple and not combining too many flavours. I usually stick with the traditional flavour and this is one of my favourite breads that I grabbed from Cheese Boutique this year. One of my favourite vanillas is the Madagascar. The smell and flavour is just incredible. Now on to the maple syrup. I’m always interested in discovering new brands and products and Kinsip was one of them. Kinsip is a farm distillery in the of heart of Prince Edward County. The flavour of the maple syrup is incredible. The smokiness and intense flavours make me feel like I should eat my panettone in the dark and all alone. In a good way 🙂


8 thick slices of Panettone – traditional flavour
1/4 lbs Emerald Grasslands salted butter
1 cup 35 % whipping cream
100 ml pistachios
Icing sugar
Kinsip whiskey barrel aged maple syrup
4 whole eggs
3.5 cups whole milk
Madagascar 1/6 vanilla bean pod
TT Cinnamon


In a mixing bowl, mix egg, whole milk, vanilla and cinnamon.

Pre heat oven to 275 degrees F and roast peeled pistachios for 8 minutes. Once the pistachios are cooler, place on a cutting board and chop coarse.

In a non stick pan add grassland butter and melt on medium low heat. Coat the panettone in the egg/milk mixture for 5 seconds on each side and place in the pan. Cook till golden brown. Roughly 3 minutes per side.

On a platter, place the panettone first, then whipping cream dollops around the french toast.  Sprinkle with pistachios and edible flowers. Dust icing sugar on top. Drizzle Kinsip whiskey barrel aged maple syrup.