Chef Ivana Raca has already achieved unparalleled success in what has traditionally been a male dominated field.

The first female to hold the position of saucier in any of McEwan’s kitchens, Ivana received another promotion making her sous chef on the team that opened ONE Restaurant by the age of 24, Ivana was selected as the first female Executive Chef for the six million dollar food emporium McEwan Foods.

Looking for more challenges, in 2012 Ivana traveled to Australia’s Gold Coast where, for two years she worked under Two Star Michelin Chef Paul Froggatt at the Palazzo Versace.

Upon her return to Canada, Ivana opened her first restaurant in 2016. “Now Magazine” voted it the best new restaurant in 2016 & 88 in Canada’s 100 best! Her competitive spirit was most recently on view on Iron Chef Canada and the Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay” where she beat Bobby Flay with her famous truffle gnocchi.

She is now a proud partner at Ufficio, owner of Resto Boemo where you can find the #1 burger voted by “Toronto Life”, and recently opened Chef’s Table by Boemo at Assembly Chef’s Hall!


Resto Boemo

“Boemo” meaning bohemian or free spirit, serves up contemporary Canadian comfort foods. Home of Toronto Life’s Best New Burger of 2018 – the Boemo Double B.

– Toronto Life #1 burger
– Gnocchi that beat Bobby Flay


Stylish, brass-accented Italian eatery serving seafood & vegetarian dishes, plus cocktails & wine.

– Toronto Life 25 Best Pasta
– BlogTO Best New Restaurants 2016
– Toronto Life Best New Brunch 2017

Chef’s Table

Chef-inspired healthier grab-and-go options, including organic, keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.


THE HEAT – 3 seasons with Mark McEwan – Food Network

Series Highlights: “Ivana Rising”
“Mark has big plans for Ivana. He’d like for her to be the executive chef at the grocery store. At 23 years of age, can Mark really expect Ivana to take this opportunity and run with it? Mark and Drew test Ivana’s talents and dedication to the organization. The walls are up at the grocery store and Mark is finally ready to tour Ivana around her new home!”
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IRON CHEF CANADA – “Battle Cheddar” – watch here

CHOPPED CANADAWinner – “Sweet Success” – watch here

BEAT BOBBY FLAYWinner – “Never Give Up” – watch here

BEAT BOBBY FLAY – “Tame the Flame” – watch here

Edible Toronto
Recipes: Chef Ivana Raca

“Walk into Assembly Chef’s Hall — the hippest of Toronto food courts — and you’ll see a big sign at the end of Resto Boemo that reads: “The Boho Truffle Gnoc — The Gnocchi that Beat Bobby Flay.”

It’s good marketing bait for Food Network devotees. And Ivana Raca, the mischievous and prodigious chef who co-owns the stand, did indeed “slay the Flay,” as she puts it. She made her signature ricotta gnocchi with cream sauce and truffle while Flay made a tomato gnocchi with eggplant and crème fraîche.”

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Toronto Life
Burger Kings

“The Double B burger at Resto Boemo, the Assembly Chef’s Hall booth run by chef Ivana Raca and former Bachelor Brad Smith, is our favourite burger in Toronto right now. Two beefy griddle-smashed patties absolutely bursting with beef flavour are topped with American cheese, crunchy shredded iceberg, paper-thin onion slices, the all-important pickle coins and special sauce, then nestled between a buttery toasted potato bun. It’s a complete—and completely addictive—package.”

TRACY MOORE – Blistered Heirloom Tomato Salad with Pan Seared Snapper – watch here

TRACY MOORE – Flavourful Beet Salmon with Strawberry, Tomato Salsa + Balsamic – watch here